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October 2, 2023

8 tips for generating leads on social media

Excellent opportunities for identifying prospects and generating commercial contacts (leads), social networks are now an essential channel for making your brand known to the general public. While seeking to ensure and strengthen your presence on social networks is essential, you must nevertheless know some best practices to meet buyers' expectations. Discover now 8 tips for generating leads on social networks.

Work on your personas

The primary objective is to better know your target. To do this, it is not enough to define the sector of activity concerned and gather some vague information. It is essential to define your personas and their digital usage habits: what is their favorite network (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.), when do they connect, etc. To build personas on which really rely, several steps may also be necessary:

  • Analysis of the customer database: this involves identifying precisely who they are and where they come from (age, gender, background, studies, income levels, etc.)
  • Study of psychological purchasing patterns: motivations and obstacles, obligations, purchasing journey, reflection mechanisms, etc. To identify all the stages of the customer purchasing process, interviews and surveys are the preferred solutions.
  • Collaboration with the sales department to benefit from its expertise

Write a social media editorial strategy

This strategy makes it possible to adapt the posts published according to the phase in which the personas are located (discovery phase, consideration phase, decision phase, etc.) and according to the obstacles and motivations of the latter.

Promote online conversion

Once your personas have been defined and achieved, you must then convert them. This conversion goes through two major stages:

The transformation of targets into visitors

This involves encouraging your targets to visit the page concerned by your company's offer:

  • By clearly encouraging links on his posts
  • By testing different styles of posts on networks to identify those that convert best
  • By varying the message formats (image, video, carousel, etc.)
  • By taking advantage of #hashtags to raise awareness among new targets
  • Etc …
Transforming visitors into leads

Once visitors are on the company's website, everything must be put in place so that they become leads:

  • By avoiding misleading posts that lead to disappointment for the visitor
  • By offering an in-depth approach to the subject through related articles
  • By encouraging people to share the page on social networks in order to reach the community of their leads
  • By offering a clearly visible call to action button
  • By reducing the online customer journey as much as possible, i.e. the steps before registration
  • By making an engaging promise that encourages the visitor to convert online
  • Etc …

Create an editorial calendar

Following an editorial calendar for the company's publications on social networks allows you to be rigorous and increase efficiency. In this way, the company skillfully plans its communications and remains regular in its online actions.

Encourage engagement

To drive brand engagement, responsiveness is key. Whatever event your company is associated with, you should inform your visitors in real time. Exhibition, open days, sponsorship, etc.: we post photos, videos, we highlight each new feature live. It is an effective way to encourage leads to participate in the event, to comment on it on social networks and also to visit the company's website. It is through this engagement that visitors can potentially become leads and then customers.

Answer questions from your leads

Any review posted by a customer on social media may be seen by other potential customers. It is therefore essential to react quickly if this opinion is negative. To deal with the issue effectively, an online response to the negative comment may be the solution. By initiating a conversation with the dissatisfied customer, the company can identify the problem that caused the dissatisfaction and offer compensation solutions: reductions, exchanges, refunds, etc. The objective is to transform the dissatisfaction into understanding or even, in the end, in satisfaction.

Thank your followers

Being responsive to compliments expressed by your followers can also bring a lot to the business. A thank you message in return creates a positive connection with followers which can potentially promote the conversion of leads into customers.

Analyze the performance of your actions and optimize them

A large number of companies communicate via social networks but do not take the time to measure the effectiveness of their actions. However, to be able to optimize your posts, improve the profitability of your social media strategy and generate more leads, it is necessary to analyze the performance of the company's actions on social networks:

  • By following the evolution over time of social media actions
  • By identifying the actions that generate the most leads
  • By clearly identifying the quality of leads according to social networks
  • By knowing the cost of acquiring a lead