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October 2, 2023

Develop your sales through affiliation

Boost your sales and increase your turnover thanks to affiliation Christmas, back to school, promotions or exceptional clearance, Increase the impact of your commercial offers and introduce your new products to millions of Internet users thanks to the digital equivalent of direct sales: affiliation. For you, we decipher the workings of a marketing concept which, subject to careful preparation, will lead to exponential traffic to your e-store. Don’t miss the tips from our professionals at the end of the page…

Understanding performance marketing to use it better

Like these VRPs which travel across France and receive a percentage on each product distributed, affiliation platforms connect a seller (you) and a buyer. Using various techniques (tracking, cookies, e-mailing, cash-backs, etc.), these professionals will maximize the visibility of your products/services on the web and build customer loyalty.
At the same time, affiliates receive a commission on each action they generate. Everyone wins: the seller increases his turnover and establishes his reputation, while the affiliate platform and the affiliate share the margin.
This marketing strategy has major advantages. It adjusts to your exact needs and, unlike advertising, requires no investment. You pay the platform within 30 days after validation of the order, which itself will be triggered once the money has been collected.

CPA, CPL and CPC, customizable solutions adapted to all sectors

Cost Per Click, Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Action are the three main remuneration systems existing in performance marketing.
CPL involves paying someone each time a prospect completes a quote request or contact form.
Responding to a logic similar to CPL, CPC is often available in the form of cookies, banners, emails (…) which invite the Internet user to click. The objective will then be to improve traffic to your e-commerce.
On the other hand, CPA or pay per influence, only brings in money if the sale is finalized. Content comparison sites, “Influencers” which generate thousands of daily views, as many additional visits and potential customers.
Affiliate platforms offer a personalized support service to each player in the process. Do not hesitate to ask them and detail your project in detail: they will do everything they can to support you effectively.

Boost your sales thanks to affiliation, our advice

Ensure your special offers and flagship operations have an unprecedented impact, by adhering to unique advertising which, by its nature, promises instant ROI.

1. Centralize your efforts

If it is indeed possible to link to several platforms, experience proves that concentrating on a single channel, the relevance of which you have previously studied, will ultimately prove to be much more profitable than multiplying small appearances here and there.

2. Estimate your needs and prepare a campaign that will meet them perfectly

Crowds are a good thing… as long as you are able to manage them. Whether your site has an online store or showcase function, take care of your digital identity. Competition is fierce on the Internet, where the “first appearance”, those famous 3 seconds, are decisive. Create a site with impeccable design and server to allow visitors to quickly realize their desires.
The cybersecurity and expertise of your affiliate platform will be a determining factor in your success. Your brand will be associated with the excellence conveyed by the result and the means of communication implemented.

3. Determine a promotional offer that is attractive to the customer and interesting to you

It's better to be transparent than hypocritical: like you, affiliate platforms are looking to make money. The idea will be to combine our connections, our knowledge of digital marketing and your know-how to gain lasting customer trust. The additional sales generated will be beneficial to each intermediary. The affiliate who brings together an audience, marketing professionals, the seller, but also the buyer who must absolutely receive a product that meets their expectations.
For this system to work, promising services are needed at competitive prices. These prices must be high enough to generate a comfortable margin, without ruining the customer or putting you in a deficit… Hence tip no. 2.

4. Track the progress of your campaign and use data to refine it

Although automated by numerous software programs, regular monitoring of the figures is essential. Being reactive will allow you to quickly rectify the situation if by chance your strategy is not as effective as you wanted.
Particularly important, on this point depends customer satisfaction, and by extension, your credibility.

As you will have understood, the affiliate platform and the seller have the same objective: to sell lots of good products. With the certainty that your common interests are respected, you will calmly begin this advertising project which will boost the growth of your company. More than an opportunity, affiliation is a springboard that must be learned to master.